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Team Hasiru's

Our new, Social Welfare Wing, Kaushalya's debut


We, Team Hasiru, flagged off our social-welfare wing Kaushalya, meaning wellbeing.

This lead to our debut event in an orphanage in Basavanagudi, Bangalore, Anatha Shishu Nivasa. The drive commenced by contributing a small quantity of fruits, and a full day food donation of Rs 1500/-.

We had planned few educational and recreational activities for the children, with the sole aim of creating a learning desire in them. We started off the drive by distributing white drawing sheets to the kids and necessary stationery bought by the humble cash contributions given by our wellwishers and member volunteers. The drive was well-appreciated by the children and all were very excited to begin their works of art!

The kids posing for a photo, with sparkling eyes filled with enthusiasam.

Some of our volunteers also engaged with the minors in helping them ink their thoughts! There was great deal of enthusiasm which helped the volunteers to bond with the children and help them with their artworks.

Kids completely immersed in the joy of art.

There were children of all ages from primary to high School and we received diverse work of art from nearly all divisions! It was a pleasure to see them at work!

Some of the beautiful pieces the kids made.

Nearly at the end of the art activity, the children were excited for more events! We planned a newspaper-bag-making workshop in order to teach them an effective alternative for plastic bags. The volunteer team distributed newspapers and glue to the children groups. Some already started working on the bags even before the volunteers’ instructions! This workshop, the volunteers instructed the children for step-bystep folding procedures and gluing them precisely, for a better output.

Our volunteers, completely one with the kids

The paper-bag-making event was taken up enthusiastically by the children and we received dedicated works! The amount of focus and dedication portrayed by the children took us all by surprise and satisfaction! The event concluded with a small round of Musical chair to engage the children in recreational activities. We gave certificates for the best paper bag and artwork and presented the children with few gifts. We then met the management and gave them a momento of our Team. They were extremely happy with our drive and requested the Team to bring in more such drives!

Last but not the least, the entire volunteer group of Team Hasiru, without whose hard work, dedication and determined focus, we wouldn’t be able to conduct this drive successfully!

All of the volunteers posing for a photograph, after the successful event.

We render our heartfelt gratitude to all our well-wishers and members for making this event and wonderful one!

Article text by Chirag Rao. Photographs by Team Hasiru.

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