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Team Hasiru's

The Clean Shivagange Project


We, Team Hasiru, successfully held this brilliant event in Shivagange, to make the hill a cleaner beauty.

This event was the successful culmination of months of planning and arrangement, frolic and excitement within the Team!

The organizing committee(OC) of Team Hasiru had made sure the safety and basic conveniences of the volunteers joining the event were well looked into.

The volunteers were asked to assemble at a common point in Bangalore and the transport and food to all were taken care of, by the OC at Team Hasiru.
The fun began when all the volunteers started dancing to the music in the bus around 6 am in the morning as the bus was en-route Shivagange!

Lot of fun and frolic within the bus and excitement filled ambience energized the volunteers to work towards the cause….

A jolly bus ride.

There was a small round of briefing about the event itinerary and the 35 bold-Swacchatha warriors took off to conquer the majestic Shivagange!

Team Hasiru OC addressing the volunteers.

The volunteers were given the basic paraphernalia for cleaning and the drive began with much awaited enthusiasm and commitment. The hill was divided into sectors for easy and effective utilization of the existing manpower and resources.

Dedicated clean-up by our volunteer

A thorough round of briefing was taken up seriously by the volunteers and the commitment shown by them were reflective in their work!

The volunteers worked hard for four and a half hours to collect 150 kgs of plastic and the excitement was still on!

The collected plastic was later on handed over to a recycling unit near Tumakuru. The event was followed by delicious lunch from the temple to all the volunteers.

Our volunteers, at the top of Shivagange hill.

This event proved to be one of the landmark events of Team Hasiru and we at the OC wish to make this an annual event and channelize more local volunteer support and sponsorship to clean even more effectively!

All of the volunteers posing for a photograph, after the successful event.

We render our heartfelt gratitude to all our well-wishers and members for making this event a wonderful one!

Article text by Chirag Rao. Photographs by Team Hasiru.

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